Our Outlook

Eliciting Education Since 2008

Since 2008

Over the years Gargi Girls School has evolved into one of the most prestigious and sought after girl's school in Meerut. This is possible because of the concerted efforts and wholehearted commitment of the management, staff, students and parents of the school. The school has advanced in every aspect from being western UP's 1st 100% smart board equipped school to catering to the pupil's, a globalized pattern of education, Gargi Girls School is an embodiment of excellence maintaining the balance between traditional and modern education, constantly moving ahead in the quest for knowledge. As you browse through the contents of this website may you too discover for yourself the Charisma of Gargi Girls school.

Our MissionTo provide quality education with strong focus on empowering girls to create nurturing & inclusive environment that fosters the development of confident, independent & well groomed students, to equip the students with knowledge, skills & values necessary to become active & engaged citizens in a global society and to develop skill oriented autonomous entrepreneurs with firm faith and belief in their Mother Tongue, Indian Traditions, culture and glorious past of India along with hearty patriotic fervor.

Our Vision

The vision is to be a leading institute in girl education where students thrive academically, socially & emotionally, aim to create a balanced learning environment that generates a unique combination of traditions & technology by integrating innovative technologies, to prepare the students for the digital age while maintaining a strong focus in rich Indian cultural heritage and help them become self-reliant and not only proud Indian but a create league of shining unizens.